Comfort food in a comfortable place.

Culinary excellence.
First-class service.
Healthy, delicious, classic American cuisine.
Premium, fresh, ingredients.
An approachable, but memorable dining experience.

That’s our recipe. It’s also who we are. And a standard we serve in every dish. In every house-made dressing. In every crunch of a crisp bite of veggies. In every cup or bowl of soups made from scratch. And every savory taste of sausage, beef, chicken, salmon or shrimp.

We love good food as much as you do.

And our family is committed to reviving these American culinary classics. Soups, salads, sandwiches. Friends, family, neighbors.

This is what Sizzlin’ Greens is all about.

Tasteful and

The Sizzlin’ Greens story is a family tale. 

The Sizzlin’ Greens story is a family tale.

After 30 years as President/COO of Miller’s Ale House, Ray Holden retired to create a new restaurant concept with his four sons – Ryan, Stephen, Jason and Kyle.  

His wife Jackie, a certified holistic health practitioner and nutritional consultant, inspired the vision: a quick service restaurant serving fresh, delicious dishes using only high-quality, clean, healthy ingredients.  

So that’s exactly what we do at Sizzlin’ Greens. Soups made from scratch. Housemade salad dressings with no seed oil. Only organic greens topped with fresh-grilled proteins. Sandwiches served with New York artisanal bread or a choice of wraps. It truly is a menu with something for everyone.

And this has become our daily mission. Giving you options that are genuinely good for you and loveable – with no fryers or microwaves. All soup, salad and sandwiches can be paired as a Pick Two Combo with endless combinations. 

It’s a fresh take on American culinary classics. Topped with Holden Hospitality.

From our family to yours.


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